1. “We are happy with our son’s overall development. The WORD Learning Centre has created a whole new definition for learning. Kids learn in a fun & creative environment. The result - a wholesome and happy child.” Norita , parent of Ilyas Khan (Class of 2008)

Hear what the Parents say !

  1. Dear Teacher Belle,                                                                          Thank you so much! Kudos to all the teachers for coming up with something new for each Holiday Program! We're so impressed! Looking forward to the next one! :)            Cheers , Adeline ”                   parent of Javen  ( 4th June 2016 )

Gracie took a test at the beginning of the school year that indicated that she fell within a range of possibly having a high IQ. I think your form of teaching helped her mind to learn to work the way it does , so you should be proud of helping yet another child reach her potential.  Gail Dixon, parent of Gracie ( Class of 2009 )


From 2002 to 2017

Hi Teacher George & Bel,

I would like to pen a personal note to express our heartfelt gratitude to both of you for all your coaching and hard work in guiding and nurturing Yi Xuan throughout the last 2 years of her primary school studies.  She has blossomed into a young lady she is today with the help from both of you and also her teachers from her primary school.  

Teacher George, I can’t thank you enough for coaching her in her Math and Science which are her weak subjects.  She has slowly progressed and improved through the effective coaching by you.  You rockz!!  Your funny and interesting ways of teaching never fail to entertain Yi Xuan and Shi Chun.  They will always come back home to share their stories which always bring a smile on our faces.  

Teacher Bel, thanks for your guidance on the tips to handle oral and composition writing.  Yi Xuan has learnt and able to handle oral presentation fairly effectively.  Her word bank has increased and this is shown in the improvement in her grades in the composition and situational writings.  A big THANK YOU!!  She has constantly shown good results in her English and this has allowed her to focus more on other areas of her work.

Last but not least, my family really appreciate the excellent coaching and companionship given by both of you!  

A thousand thanks!!

Warm regards & Merry X’mas,

Mr and Mrs Long Tien Huat

( Primary 6 Class of 2014 )

  1. TH is enjoying and doing well in primary school. I don't think this would have been possible without the care and dedication of the teachers at The Word Learning Centre from Nursery - K2!

  2. Agatha Lee, parent of Ting Hang (Class of 2011)

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