Distinctions and awards such as the ones above are a common sight among our students who are nurtured in our four segmented lessons for each of the common school subjects like Math, Science, English and Chinese.

Awards from our star students of the Primary programs


Students on their  Holiday Programme

Primary Programs   ( Check out the 2018 schedule )


  1. Math , English , Science , Chinese

  2. Primary 1 to Primary 6

  3. 1 hour 45 min  class per subject

  4. A four segment class program

  5. An alternative to tutoring , it focuses on understanding and application of topics.

  6. Maximum 8 students in a class only

  7. Schedules are updated every term  check  schedule for  the time slots available


  1. Students take an assessment test prior to admission , which they must pass.

  2. The test is to ascertain the dominant learning style based on Multiple Intelligences

Revised Fee Schedule for 2017

  1. $460 for 10 lessons for Primary 1 to Primary 3

  2. $490 for 10 lessons for Primary 4 to Primary 6

  3. Registration fee $50

Our students discounts for more than one subject are still available.





  1. Specialises in Model drawing , Pattern problems, Guess and check  etc.

School syllabus concepts treated with requiring students to understand

No additional homework is assigned

Complements school work

Includes comprehension , graphic stimulus,grammar, creative writing ( alternates with comprehension ) , oral , project work , word games

Techniques in opening and closing a story , different scenarios and story webs are also taught to better their creative writing.

Experiments and quizzes stimulate learning science topics. Students are also taught to use the appropriate words and concepts for the different scenarios in question. Videos and actual real life pictures are presented to better their science exploration.



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