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These resources can be valuable to your own understanding and decision making be it for primary school registration or purchasing books on line or even popular school’s websites . Click on the link and you’ll be at their homepage instantly.


We have two sites which carry competitions in Math . Students at Primary 5 are most likely to enter into these competitions to vie for Direct School Admission in their Secondary school posting . They are :-

NUS High Math Olympiad  and

Hwa Chong Math Olympiad


Contains your curriculum for Primary school levels. Has comprehensive details on the registration of Primary One in local schools.

U.S. website on research methods on child development . They range from work done on Preschool going kids to University students.

A world famous organisation of high IQ individuals.  It provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members. There are members in more than 100 countries around the world.

University of New South Wales Educational assessment of our local students. Primary school students are given tests to grade their overall performance . Check out this website to see what their tested on and the performance standards.

Our recommendation of a pediatric clinic for your child should you need some medical advice.

Has a great collection of games for intellectual stimulation , suitable for young and old.  We do carry some of the items promoted.

A great resource , it has magazines and videos that will kick start any child’s interest in nature and the world around them.

Scholastic books publishes a whole range of books for children of all ages. Here you get to see what’s available for purchase.

A subsidiary of Discovery Channel , you get to upload videos ,books , pictures etc. to boost your child’s interests .

Over the years we have recommended Starhub Cable tv that carries educational programmes and this page will help to subscribe to it and you’ll be able to get a whole package that is suitable for family viewing : educational  and fun.

In our opinion they have the best reference books. Take a look at the range of books available and if you’d like to purchase them our local suppliers would be able provide them through us.

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