Want to capture all those precious moments when your child was in school and growing up ? Why not order our photo book , digital photos and videos for keepsake. View  them at your own leisure. Take a look at the photos in our webpages and if you fancy having them in your collection you can make your orders here by sending us an email at student@thewordlearningcentre.com and in school. Directly  from Apple, the photobook serves as a good memorabilia for many years to come. Pick up a form at the counter or we can email you one when you write to us.

Photobooks, Digital photos and Videos

The Word has put out some quality merchandise which has been really good looking and useful. We have given them out for Children’s day and many have been asking for more. These items are now on sale and can be purchased at the store. You can also order them by sending us an email at student@thewordlearningcentre.com

Backpack, Clutch bag ,Tote bags and T-shirts

For those wanting to purchase these items they are priced at :-

    Backpack -  $25                   

    Totebag   -  $20

    Travel sling bag  - $15

    Pencil case  - $8

    T- shirt - $15

    All these while stocks last !